Parking Ticket Payment Information

Contest a Violation

To pay in person or by mail, make payment payable and deliver/send to:

The Downtown Development Authority
502 Church Street
Flint, MI 48502

When paying citations by mail, please allow 3-5 days to ensure that your payment is received on time. Tickets are deemed paid when they are received at The Downtown Development Authority for the City of Flint – Parking Violations Bureau Office.

Appeals Process

Request An Appeal

You may appeal a citation online by going to the online portal or by completing the contestment form and mailing it to the Flint DDA.

Online Process

Required Information: Violation Number and License Plate Number on Violation
Select Click to find your Violation
Select Dispute the Violation
Enter your Email address and Reason for dispute. You have the option to upload a supporting image, but it is not required.
Click on Submit My Dispute

General Information

You have 15 days from the citation issue date to appeal the citation.

Citation fines are frozen when placed on an open appeal, and will not escalate or accumulate additional fines until after a judgment is made.
For denied appeals, citations will resume normal escalations 3 days after the judgment date.

Appeal Timeline
Level 1 – You must appeal through the online portal. The appeal must be submitted within 15 days of issuance.
Level 2 – If you wish to re-appeal, you must call our office and request an escalation to Level 2 no more than 10 days after the Level 1 judgment.
Level 3 – You must call our office to request transfer to the Magistrate at the 67th District Court no more than 10 days after the Level 2 judgment or within 15 days of the citation issue date. Information will be gathered and used to fill out the required paperwork. You must provide a copy of your driver’s license. The 67th District Court will notify you of your hearing date.

City of Flint Downtown Development Authority Parking
Violations Bureau, Ordinance Number 2
100.01 Establishment.
100.02 Office.
100.03 Authority re disposition of violations.
100.04 Rights of alleged violators
100.05 Traffic citations; notices of violations.
100.06 Civil fines.
Traffic rules and regulations in home rule cities – see MCL 117.4h
Traffic rules and regulations generally – see MCL 257.634 et seq.
Parking tickets – see MCL 257.675d
Parking generally – see MCL 257.672 et seq., Michigan Uniform Traffic Code – Part 8; Code of City of Flint, Sections 28-118 and 28-119
Michigan Uniform Traffic Code – see MCL 257.951 et seq.; Michigan Uniform Traffic Code R 28.1001 Rule 1 et seq. (inclusive of Code Part 8)
Michigan Motor Vehicle Code – see MCL 257.1 to 257.923
Parking meters – see Michigan Uniform Traffic Code – Part 8; Code of City of Flint, Sections 28-107, 28-110, 28-110.1, 28-111, 28-115.1.

Pursuant to Section 8395(2) of the Revised Judicature Act, as added by Act 154 of the Public Acts of 1968, as amended (MCL 600.8395(2)), there is hereby established in and for the City of Flint Downtown Development Authority a Parking Violations Bureau for the purpose of handling alleged parking violations in the City of Flint downtown. The Bureau shall be under the supervision and control of the City of Flint Downtown Development Authority.
The Parking Violations Bureau shall be located at the offices of the City of Flint Downtown Authority which shall also administer the Parking Violations Bureau.
No violation that is not scheduled in Section 100.06 shall be disposed of by the Parking Violations Bureau. The fact that a violation is scheduled shall not entitle the alleged violator to disposition of the violation at the Bureau. In any case, the person in charge of the Bureau may refuse to dispose of such violation, in which case any person having knowledge of the facts may make a sworn complaint before any court having jurisdiction of the offense as provided by law.
No violation may be settled at the Parking Violations Bureau except at the specific request of the alleged violator. No penalty for any violation shall be accepted from any person who denies having committed the offense. In no case shall the person who denies having committed the offense or the person who is in charge of the Bureau determine or attempt to determine the truth or falsity of any fact or matter relating to such alleged violation. No person shall be required to dispose of a parking violation at the Bureau. Any person shall be entitled to have such violation processed before a court having jurisdiction thereof if he or she so desires. The unwillingness of any person to dispose of any violation at the Bureau shall not prejudice him or her or in any way diminish the rights, privileges and protection accorded to him or her by law.
The issuance of a traffic citation by a qualified person duly authorized to issue such a notice by ordinance or directive of the City of Flint Downtown Development Authority, shall be deemed an allegation of a parking violation. Such traffic citation or notice of violation shall indicate the length of time in which the person to whom the same was issued must respond before the Parking Violations Bureau. It shall also indicate the address of the Bureau, the hours during which the Bureau is open and the amount of the penalty scheduled for the offense for which the ticket was issued, and it shall advise that a warrant for the arrest of the person to whom the ticket was issued will be sought if such person fails to respond within the time limit
100.06 – CIVIL FINES
The Parking Violations Bureau or qualified person duly authorized to issue such a notice by ordinance or directive of the City of Flint Downtown Development Authority may issue notices of violations and dispose of the all offenses and civil fines as allowed under City of Flint Code, Michigan Motor Vehicle Code, Michigan Uniform Traffic Code and any and all other law, ordinance, rule and regulation. Violations shall be considered civil infractions. Response to the citation must be made by requesting a court appearance within 15 calendar days of the date of issue of the citation or by payment of the citation. In addition, the Parking Violations Bureau may have citations issued for those violations and transfer these matters to the District Court. The District Court shall then establish the civil fine for the offense, up to the maximum allowed by law. The Bureau may extend these time limits in its discretion. At the discretion of the City of Flint Downtown Development Authority, parking violations not paid within ninety days after the issuance of the notice of violation may be transferred to a collection agency and administrative cost may be added.